Henry Engineering new at Sumatronic

Do you want to connect and control the LED on your microphone arms easily and without complications? Or do you need to connect consumer devices to professional equipment? Managing long distance transmissions with several speakers? No problem. Henry Engineering offers various professional problem solvers, which are especially built for broadcasters.

Broadcast equipment and services for your drive-in cinema

Everything has to work at the drive-in cinema. That’s why we have provided the right sound for countless events in the past years with our support and our equipment (rental or purchase). At the drive-in cinema the sound is transmitted in best quality from a small transmitter to the car radios.

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SwissRadioDay 2019

The SwissRadioDay is the biggest industry meeting of the Swiss radio scene. In specialist presentations, discussions and workshops, new content and technical innovations from the industry will be presented and the future of radio will be discussed.

Meet us on Thursday 29.08.2019 at 08:30 a.m. in one of the Kaufleuten Zurich halls.

Highest Signal Purity and Quality

After a worldwide success with the FMB80 it is time for WorldCast Systems to propose a new RDS encoder full of novelties and innovations. One of the highlights of the Audemat RDS Encoder is the quality and spectral purity of its output signal that is equal if not better than its predecessor. However, to further improve this signal quality we have implemented the MPX on AES in the encoder giving us a purity and quality never achieved in an RDS encoder.

Audemat, Encoder, RDS, WorldCast Systems

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StreamS IOdigi2 USB Digital Audio Interface

The StreamS IOdigi2™ is a simple AES/EBU–S/PDIF Compatible USB digital audio interface providing both input and output. It is Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux ALSA, and Android device compatible, and uses class drivers, meaning there is no driver installation necessary. This is the easiest way to get professional quality audio in and out of a computer system. The StreamS IOdigi2™ is also available as an internal option to the StreamS 1RU Streaming Audio Encoder Systems.

AES/EBU, Interface, Streams, USB

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