Highest Signal Purity and Quality

After a worldwide success with the FMB80 it is time for WorldCast Systems to propose a new RDS encoder full of novelties and innovations. One of the highlights of the Audemat RDS Encoder is the quality and spectral purity of its output signal that is equal if not better than its predecessor. However, to further improve this signal quality we have implemented the MPX on AES in the encoder giving us a purity and quality never achieved in an RDS encoder.

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StreamS IOdigi2 USB Digital Audio Interface

The StreamS IOdigi2™ is a simple AES/EBU–S/PDIF Compatible USB digital audio interface providing both input and output. It is Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux ALSA, and Android device compatible, and uses class drivers, meaning there is no driver installation necessary. This is the easiest way to get professional quality audio in and out of a computer system. The StreamS IOdigi2™ is also available as an internal option to the StreamS 1RU Streaming Audio Encoder Systems.

AES/EBU, Interface, Streams, USB

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APT Dante Network Interface ­

The APT Dante Network Interface enables you to connect your APT Multi-channel AoIP Codec directly to a Dante or AES67 network. This enables the codec to become fully integrated into your in-house network ecosystem, ensuring interoperability with near-zero latency and synchronization.

With the Dante interface fitted, your AoIP multichannel codec becomes the gateway from your local Dante domain to any network destination over external networks.

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Audemat FM MC5 Sale

December Promotion!

Take advantage of up to CHF 6000.- discount on AUDEMAT FM MC5, the most comprehensive and versatile measurement platform available for FM in the world today.

  • Audio and FM measurements
  • Multi-program on-field measurements with RF coverage analysis
  • Bench measurements and RF Drive Testing records
  • Rich set of built-in generators and analyzers for analog radio
  • … and much more!

Call us, we will advise you. Promotion valid only until December 31, 2018!

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35 Jahre Radio Sunshine

35 years Radio Sunshine

Peter Matter, founder of Sumatronic AG and in 1983 co-founder, managing director and moderator of Radio Sunshine, in an interview with Andreas Balsiger (German).

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WorldCast Systems SmartFM

The first Artificial Intelligence for Radio

SmartFM is a worldwide patented technology for FM transmitters which revolutionizes FM radio broadcasting and brings massive benefits to broadcasters, radios, and their audience of listeners. SmartFM is the result of WorldCast Systems expertise in signal processing, FM broadcasting and field measurement. It improves the Total Cost of Ownership of FM broadcasters and elevates FM to a new level of unprecedented performance and efficiency.

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