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Radio Transceivers

Wherever individuals or entire groups need to be reached safely, reliably and immediately, Radio Transceivers are the proven solution since many years. No cumbersome dialing, no dependency on foreign networks. Simple “one-button” operation for secure and defined communication without delay.

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    The advantages of Radio Transceivers

    Secure connection
    • Connection at special locations (eg tunnels, mountains etc.)
    • Once set up and licensed, there are no additional costs
    • Immediate connection without dialing
    • Communication with individuals or groups
    • Reliable
    Even in basements good reception
    • Still the most reliable tool for alerting

    Do you need a special solution?

    No problem. We know the solutions for many situations and have the experience and the engineering tools to evaluate solutions. Mostly it requires only a few handheld radios, but sometimes also a relay station, which we design and create according to your needs. In critical cases, we can also perform measurements or tests. Of course, the construction, maintenance and operation of radio systems are part of our everyday business.

    We take care of your radio concession. Customer-based and yet OFCOM compliant solutions are among our core competencies. We will also provide you with the necessary applications for the license together with the many technical details.

    Various systems

    Our range includes Motorola, Kenwood and Hytera radio systems that are used both in the industry (fire departments, security services, productions companies, events etc.) and at leisure. Do you have a special field of application? We also advise you on customer-specific solutions.
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    Portable radio stations:
    – Various versions, adapted to your needs

    Mobile devices or operator stations:
    – E.g. in vehicles or in the office

    Swiss Air-Rescue REGA:
    Ideal for mountaineers or working in remote areas without cellphone coverage. This special REGA emergency radio allows direct connection with the REGA alert center and the pilot. Accessories: Hands-free kits for helmet wearers and handheld microphones.

    Repeaters and relay stations:
    Extension for your reception area, extension beyond topographical boundaries

    For easy and safe alerting on the go.

    Special versions:
    – Special versions for noisy environment
    – Special handsets and microphones
    – Equipment for potentially explosive environments
    – Splashproof versions (IP 57)
    – Concealed microphones and earphones
    – Man-down Safety: Alarming if carrier does not move

    Application areas

    The application areas of radio systems are very different. Wireless systems can be used on construction sites, at events, in sports, in the rescue and security service or simply in the spare time. We are specialists in this field and help you find the right solution.