The ideal solution for cable operators

FMplus is a patent-pending system developed in Switzerland that allows cable operators to introduce fast internet, but at the same time does not require that FM reception, via cable connection, be switched off. If cable operators today want to introduce DOCSIS 3.1, they must switch off FM... but wait, not with FMplusFMplus allows both technologies to operate in parallel.

What are the benefits of FMplus?

Benefits for private customers

Existing FM devices (radios, hi-fi and high-end systems etc.) can still be used, even if FM radio reception will be switched off. Simply connect our FMplus box between your FM devices and the cable connection. It couldn't be easier. Operation through the existing radio equipment as well as the stored radio channels and the audio quality are retained.

  • Your devices (radios, hi-fi and high-end systems etc.) can be used for years to come
  • Quality and comfort are maintained
  • Listen as usual radio via cable connection

Benefits for cable operators

FMplus can be used in parallel with today's FM on your cable network. Customers and cable network operators benefit from sufficient time for the transition (DOCSIS 3.1). The risk of dissatisfied customers by switching off VHF via the cable network is reduced.

  • Parallel operation (DOCSIS3.1 and FM)
  • Satisfied customers who can listen to the radio as usual
  • Easy connection (by customers)
  • Relieving customer service
  • No startup time, no software updates etc.
  • System stability, reliable
  • Reception of radio programs without delay
  • Audio quality, RDS are preserved
  • Environmentally friendly. Electronic waste is avoided.