Receive all "DAB+ Cable" radio programs with standard DAB+ receivers

The SumaDAB+ Cable Adapter enables you to receive DAB+ Cable with a common DAB+ Radio (via antenna connection). In the UPC Cable Networks you will receive around 70 DAB radio programs.

Benefits of DAB+ Cable

  • Large and varied program offer
  • Supraregional program offer
  • Regardless from place of residence or location
  • Trouble-free reception throughout Switzerland
  • Uncomplicated and good reception in buildings
  • Best sound quality
  • Easy installation
  • Sustainable radio standard
SumaDAB+ Cable Adapter

SumaDAB+ Cable Adapter

What is needed to use the "SumaDAB + Cable Adapter"?

1. Cable Connection

Your cable network operator should be UPC or a UPC partner.

2. DAB+ Radio

Your DAB+ Radio should have an antenna connection.

Questions & Answers

Does my cable network send "DAB+ Cable"?

This is an important question because the adapter will not provide any benefit without this transmission. Go to and enter your home address. Here you will find information about your cable network operator. If this is upc (or one of the partner networks), you should be able to receive DAB+cable. If you are unsure, please ask your cable network operator whether he has connected DAB+cable.

Can I receive FM programs with the SumaDAB+ Cable Adapter?

The adapter is designed for DAB+cable only. UPC plans to increase the number of programs on DAB+cable to such an extent that all programs sent today on FM (plus many additional programs) can also be received on DAB+cable. This means that FM reception will soon not be required if you already have DAB+.

How much does it cost to receive DAB+ Cable?

DAB+ Cable is included in the basic price of your cable subscription. No additional subscription is required and there are no additional costs (except the one-time purchase of a SumaDAB+ Cable Adapter).

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