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Safer tunnels with emergency Break-In Systems

Wherever people in public areas need to be alerted, in the event of a fire or accident, Break-In Systems can interrupt on-going transmissions. Break-In Systems can be used in road tunnels, car parks or shopping centers.

SUMATRONIC has various brands and systems in its range. We are experts and can assist you in specification work, implementation and documentation including connection drawings.
MAGIC TBR Tunnel Break-in Rebroadcast System


Tunnel Break-in Rebroadcast System

The MAGIC TBR tunnel break-in rebroadcast system is a DAB+ Repeater and Voice Break-in System in a 19″ housing with only 2 U height.


Paneda Break-In System


Tunnel Break-in System

Paneda’s 1U height hardware is the most compact and rack space efficient system on the market, hosting a dual DAB system, complete with dual COFDM transmitters in a single unit.


Factum Radioscape

DETS Voice Break-in System for Digital Radio

The DETS Voice Break-in System enables tunnel operators to replace audio programmes with live or pre-recorded announcements, providing information and instructions in the event of an emergency.



  • AVT Magic TBR

    • Receiver (RF Input)
    • Modulator (RF Output)
    • GPS and two clock inputs for enhanced purposes
    • Up to 4 x DAB/DAB+ Encoder and Monitoring Decoder
    • 2 x Analogue Inputs/Outputs
    • 4 x Digital AES/EBU Inputs/Outputs
    • Headphone Output
    • Live Announcements
    • Prerecorded Announcements from internal memory
    • 2 x LAN for control and monitoring, SNMP
    • Programmable GPIOs (8 x TTL, 8 x relay)
    • Predefined PAD transmission
    • Slideshow
    • Dynamic Label
    • Redundant wide-range power supply
    • Power consumption: < 40 W
    • Optional 2nd  module for 2nd  independent ensemble can be equipped
    • Optional Break-In via VoIP
  • Paneda

    • 100% synchronized with the on-air signal
    • Paneda “Null symbol” detector ensures a fully seamless switching and fully compliant with all kind of DAB receivers.
    • Self-reporting system, reports its status and condition to the
    • 24-7, control and operation center monitors all systems 7 days a week, 365 days per year
    • Remote management
    • Modular & flexible
    • System integration
    • Compact, uses a minimum of rack space and depth

    Panda offers a complete range of products for tunnels, including peripherals for audio management with emergency microphone panels, audio server for “dial-in-speak” handling, management system for prerecording audio files, VHF communication, amplifiers, combiners and much more.

  • Factum Radioscape

    • Voice announcements and DLS text break-in for DAB and DAB+ networks
    • Seamless transition between terrestrial and emergency broadcasts
    • Avoids receiver re-tuning
    • 1 or 2 Ensemble break-in
    • Selectable live voice or pre-recorded audio files
    • DLS text replacement
    • Support for multiple languages
    • Automatic multiplex reconfiguration
    • Unattended operation
    • >100000 hours MTBF
    • Remote management and monitoring software
    • Remote monitoring, alarms and break-in message selection via SNMP
    • Local alarm output