Transmission Technology

Planning. Construction. Measurements. Radio Networks. Equipment.

We are the only Swiss company that builds both radio studios and transmitters. With great experience and expertise in this area, we can offer the best service based on the latest standards.

Studio Technology

Studio Technology

Planning. Construction. Studios. Studio Vehicles.

A convenient, easy-to-use and ergonomically designed studio allows the radio makers to focus on the content and experience the technique as a companion and supportive tool.

Short-Term Radio Events

Short-Term Radio Events

Consulting. Planning. Equipment.

Give your events uniqueness with their own radio show. The reachability of thousands makes the short-term radio event a very interesting marketing tool. 


Distribution. Trademarks.

We develop our own products in the area of DAB / DAB + and are Swiss exclusive distributor of well-known broadcast brands such as Orban, AVT Audio Video Technologies and AEQ.

Inhouse Developments (DAB+ & DOCSIS)

Inhouse Developments. DAB+ & DOCSIS.

For many years we have been developing innovative and patented solutions, for example in the areas of DAB+ and DOCSIS. Our products are used in shops, offices, warehouses etc. as well as end customers.

Radio Transceivers

Radio Transceivers

Professional Radio Transceivers.

Wherever you need to reach individuals or groups of people safely and reliably, radio transceivers are the proven tools since many years. Our range includes products from Motorola, Hytera and Kennwood.

Radio Transceivers

Tunnel Break-In Systems

Break-In Systems for Tunnels

Tunnel break-in systems can interrupt on-going transmissions in road tunnels or any other public area (train stations, parking garages, shopping centers etc.). Everywhere, where people needs to be notified in case of an emergency, like fire or accidents.