• Orban

    Audio processors for Radio, TV and Internet Broadcasters

  • VDL

    Tunnel-Systeme, DAB/DAB+ & DMB Equipment etc.

  • BW

    FM Sender/Empfänger, RDS Encoder

  • ATV

    Audiocodecs, Telefonhybride, DAB+ Equipment

  • AEQ

    Audiocodecs, Multiplexers, Broadcast Mixers, Routers etc.

  • Paneda

    BREAK-IN Systems for tunnels, DAB Head End

  • Henry Engineering

    Products to solve problems in the broadcast environment.

  • WorldCast

    Innovative broadcast equipment for the Radio & TV

  • Eela Audio

    Mixing Desks, Hybrids, Interfaces, Reporter-Equipment etc.


  • MARIAN – New PCIe sound cards

    MARIAN – New PCIe sound cards

    With the new sound cards of the CLARA series the Leipzig manufacturer and sound enthusiast goes into the next round and develops further hardware solutions for professional, digital audio applications.

  • Monitoring with Audemat DAB Probe

    Monitoring with Audemat DAB Probe

    Cost-effective DAB radio monitoring solution for on-site signal analysis.

    Designed for installation on DAB networks, WorldCastSystems’ Audemat DAB Probe features a user-friendly web interface, alarm notification via email or SNMP traps, and allows for in-depth signal and content analysis. The Audemat DAB Probe also includes the display of slideshows, DLS and service information and allows the user to listen to the selected service remotely in different qualities.

  • Kybio CONNECT SNMP Manager available free of charge

    Kybio CONNECT SNMP Manager available free of charge

    The monitoring software is available free of charge for up to 25 SNMP devices until the end of the year.


    SumaDAB+ Cable Adapter

    Order DAB+ Cable Adapter Online!

    With the SumaDAB+ Cable Adapter it is possible to receive DAB+ Cable Radio (via antenna connection) with an ordinary DAB radio. DAB+ Cabel Radio enables you to receive 70 DAB radio programmes in the UPC cable networks.


    Make buildings suitable for digital radio reception

    In car parkings, shopping centers or offices the reception of DAB+ is by no means self-evident. Especially in buildings with thick concrete or metal facades there is often no DAB+ reception. The DAB-Repeater developed by SUMATRONIC solves this problem. Buildings can be retrofitted at low cost so that the reception can be guaranteed in best quality.


    Having the security of being able to alert in emergencies

    Have you ever wondered how to help someone (or yourself) in remote areas in an emergency situation? Do not rely on your mobile phone. Accidents happen daily while hiking, mountain biking, hunting or at work and can have serious consequences if this happens in a remote area. The solutions is portable radio transceiver with direct connection to Swiss Air-Rescue REGA.

    24/7 On-Call Service

    Transmission failure?
    We’re here to help!

    Our service team is 7 x 24 on standby to help you in case of an emergency. Need a maintance plan? With our frequent, precautionary measures we make sure that the plants are kept in a good condition and foreseeable interruptions and damages are avoided.

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