Inhouse Developments

For many years we have been developing innovative and patented solutions, for example in the areas of DAB+ and DOCSIS. Our products are used in shops, offices, warehouses etc. as well as by end customers.

Special Products

Oftentimes, customers have special needs and desires for which there are no suitable products on the market. We manufacture special solutions and carry out device adjustments.

DTC Delay Time Controller

More and more, FM and DAB receivers are used in the same household. By sharing these different receivers, the synchronization of the various vectors becomes undoubly important.

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If two audio signals with a difference of more than 200ms hit the human ear, not only the hearing comfort but also the listener's hearing will decrease massively. With the Delay Time Controller (DTC) and for example Eventide's delay devices, each vector (FM, DAB +, CATV, IPTV, Webstream etc.) can be delayed so that their audio arrives at the listener at the same time.

USV Monitoring Circuit

The USV Monitoring Circuit controls constantly the USV output voltage. In the case the output voltage breaks down (due to a defect or bad batteries) a controlled switchover will be induced. With this device transmission interruptions can be prevented.

Temperature monitoring with fast SMS alert

Temperature monitoring with fast SMS alert

In the event of a temperature rise in the technical room, act quickly and efficiently thanks to the temperature monitoring system with SMS notification and visual alarm.

Tx-ECD-3 Emergency Control

Three sensors monitor the studio signal. In case of failure, an emergency program is started or switched to a redundant audio supply.