Bluetooth interface with XLR connectors from AeroAudio

Bluetooth receiver and transmitter for use in a broadcast or pre-production studio. Can be used as a music receiver and also as a telephone connection.

The AeroAudio BT1 is a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter for connecting Bluetooth devices to a broadcast studio. It can not only be used as a music receiver, the Bluetooth connection can also be used as a telephone connection. A conversation can thus also be conducted via WhatsApp or Skype, for example. The caller receives the return signal from the studio. Both connections are available as XLR plugs, the output in stereo format and the input as mono signal.

The unit becomes visible to the environment at the push of a button and supports a simple name change if two or more units are operated in the immediate vicinity. Via GPI and GPO contact, the button press and the status LED can be led to the outside and used externally.

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