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Summer discount 20% on all iXm microphones and accessories

Benefit from the Yellowtec Summer Sale on all iXm microphones until the end of July. Take advantage of the Yellowtec “Summer Savings” and get the best interview microphone on the market at a top price.

The iXm recording microphone is the right recorder for anyone who values quality in voice recordings. With its integrated LEA leveling technology, it masters any recording environment with ease. LEA guarantees professional sound. Without any post-processing! Even for interviews in extremely loud environments, you are ideally equipped with an iXm.

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Two versions: #1 iXm Recording Mic

As a reportage microphone, the iXm is the only recorder in the world that has been specially developed for recording interviews. Its extremely simple operation and LEA Level Energy Arbitration for level control guarantee perfect recordings for every journalist. LEA filters out unwanted background noise. It ensures recordings with a natural frequency response under all conditions. Interchangeable iXm microphone heads offer you additional flexibility in adapting to any recording situation.

Two versionen: #2 iXm Podcaster

The iXm Podcaster is the perfect recording tool for any ambitious podcaster. Thanks to integrated LEA technology, it always delivers. In the highest iXm recording quality! Unlike the iXm Recording Mic, the iXm Podcaster is purely battery-operated. It only supports the dynamic microphone head of the iXm PRO Line with cardioid polar pattern. This makes it a budget-friendly iXm solution. Concentrate fully on your content and take the audio of your podcast to the top level!

– The iXm Podcaster does not have a built-in rechargeable battery (operates on 3x AA batteries)
– The iXm Podcaster only supports the iXm PRO cardioid (dynamic)
– The iXm Podcaster has a matt blue finish

The omnidirectional …… Expands the surround sound. Use an iXm with an omnidirectional head to expand the surround sound of quiet environments. An omnidirectional head is ideal for recording in quiet environments. Use it in rooms without noise levels – e.g. for recording discussions with several people in a conference room.

The cardioid …… is the perfect all-rounder. As a directional microphone head, the cardioid is the ideal choice for recordings in environments with varying levels of noise. The cardioid recording characteristic is ideal for interviews at large events or outdoor recordings in places with high traffic volumes.

The supercardioid ….. is arena-ready to the extreme. Microphone heads with a supercardioid polar pattern are perfect for recording in very loud environments. Thanks to their strong directional effect, they strongly attenuate sound recordings from the side and thus excellently filter out ambient noise. Choose a supercardioid for interviews in very loud environments, e.g. at sporting events, motorsport races or concerts.

The promotion runs until July 31, 2024 and we look forward to your order!

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