Audemat DAB Probe

Monitoring with Audemat DAB Probe

Cost-effective DAB radio monitoring solution for on-site signal analysis.

Designed for installation on DAB networks, WorldCastSystems’ Audemat DAB Probe features a user-friendly web interface, alarm notification via email or SNMP traps, and allows for in-depth signal and content analysis. The Audemat DAB Probe also includes the display of slideshows, DLS and service information and allows the user to listen to the selected service remotely in different qualities.

Designed for network operators, monitoring authorities and broadcasters. Monitor numerous DAB RF parameters, service content and audio functions. The History Logfile function provides you with an overview of past alarms and changes. The built-in ETI Record function gives you the ability to record for 10 minutes the received data stream.

– RF input for antenna connection 75Ohm
– Real-time RF measurements, SFN measurements, listening functions, etc.
– Detailed alarm configurations with multiple thresholds
– Mail and SNMP alerting functions
– Logfile history functions for all monitored channels
– Assignable analog audio outputs XLR
– User configurations for multiple access levels
– RealTime function for flexible measurements or control of channels and services

Optional features:
– ETI input available as an option
– EDI input available as an option
– GPS input available as an option
– Dual tuner available as an option
– ScriptEasy control available as an option (GPIO integration etc. )

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