DAB+ is on the way. Make buildings ready for DAB+ reception.

In car parkings, shopping centers or offices the reception of DAB+ is by no means self-evident. Especially in buildings with thick concrete or metal facades there is often no DAB+ reception. The DAB-Repeater developed by SUMATRONIC solves this problem. Buildings can be retrofitted at low cost for a reception in best quality.

DAB repeaters work like very small radio stations. For legal operations, these must meet a large number of technical quality specifications and guidelines required by the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM). This includes not only the amplifier but also various technical elements that avoid the interference of other radio transmitters (e.g. fire brigade, emergency services, ambulances, the police etc.)

Systems that do not comply with the legal requirements of OFCOM (NT-3003 V1.0.0) can lead to a liability risk.

Sumatronic has been offering compliant systems for many years, which are usually installed and measured in close cooperation with your in-house electrician / antenna installer. Operation of the system is maintenance-free and does not incur any license fees.

The DAB-Repeater is:

  • A quality product “Made in Switzerland”
  • Affordable and maintenance-free
  • Easy to install (by the house electrician)
  • Available in various designs
  • No operating costs (no fees, very little power consumption).
  • Risk-free! Meets OFCOM guidelines (no disturbance of emergency frequencies / radio by emergency services)

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